Cold Weather and Frozen Car Locks

lock de-icerJust a reminder to buy yourself some lock anti freeze for the cold mornings where car locks get frozen and cannot turn.
We are often called out to free off frozen locks, though you can save the cost of us visiting by buying a small aerosol of lock de-icer, it’s available in Halfords and lots of car accessory shops and garages

Evening Hours

We are often asked by customers if we can visit them after they finish work in the early evening.

We always do our best to accommodate our customers, so if you need an early evening call, let us know and we will arrange a suitable day and time.

As always, we are available 9am – 9pm for emergency call outs.


We were called out earlier to a Mercedes with the keys locked in the boot.
We unlocked the boot without causing any damage by picking the boot lock as this is the only way into the boot because there is a bulkhead between the cabin and the boot.
Once the boot was open, we could not get it to stay closed, then the owner said the guy from the national rescue company had tried to short circuit something in the electronics to make the boot open.
That’s when the owner and our engineer realised why the boot would not close. The problem was that the boot has an electronic switch system and by shorting whatever the rescue guy shorted, he caused a fault on the electronic boot lock which is likely to cost a lot to repair.

Please bear in mind that if you have a Mercedes with keys locked in the boot, the safe way to recover the keys is to call a competent automotive locksmith who will pick the lock and open the boot safely without causing any damage

Call us on: 07958688844 – We are waiting to help

Later Opening Hours

Evening Appointments

Since early 2017 we have been offering our customers who needed non urgent jobs doing, evening appointments to give them time to get home from work to meet us.

We have found very little demand for a 24 hour service, though being open till 9pm has worked really well for our customers.

If you need an evening appointment, call: 07958688844