ECU Remapping

We Re-Map vehicles to give your vehicle extra Power, Torque and Economy

  • What is ECU Remapping? Your vehicle is controlled by one or more computerised control units, often known as the ‘ECU’
    The ECU controls the amount of fuel and air to the engine. The manufacturers tend to go for a one size fits all setting to cover all
    markets and standards.
    By modifying these settings, it is possible to increase the power of your vehicle and usually increase the amount of miles per gallon.
    Using the most advanced remap equipment makes the process less than two hours work which we will carry out at your premisses.
    First we will read and store the information and settings of your ECU. Once we have a copy of your ECU data, we will modify the settings to
    your requirements:
  • Eco – A map configuration which will give up to 10% more MPG and 10-20% increase in power
  • Eco Plus – Eco Plus is our most popular configuration which typically increases power by up to 40% and economy by up to 15% more MPG
  • Race 1 – The Race 1 Series are for max power and torque and are developed to order once we have your exact requirements.
All of our remap programs are reversible free of charge.
(Free remap reversal mapping to be carried out within be CH1 postcode)